The Winter Blahs: A Romantic Lunch Date

What could be a better antidote for the winter blahs than a romantic lunch date?  Whether it’s with your partner of 20 years or a best friend, looking forward to a mid-week meal at a special place can be just the thing to warm our spirits during this long, cold month.

So in this week’s installment of The Winter Blahs, I suggest making a date with your mate for a mid-week lunch.  Get a sitter, tell your boss you have a dentist appointment, raid the piggy bank – do whatever you need to do to get away to some place special for lunch.  During a recent lunch date of my own, I enjoyed a delicious salad:

That alone would have made the date, but then I ended it with this:

YUM! And did I mention that the chef is a Food Network star?  AWESOME!

Good food and time alone are great, but what about conversation? To get the most out of a romantic lunch with your partner, try this: Keep family business off the table.  By that I mean no talking about the business of running your household and family.  No conversation about:

  • kids
  • pets
  • bills
  • work drama
  • house repairs
  • retirement funds

Instead, remember back to when you first knew each other and the above didn’t exist.  Don’t know where to start?  How about:

  • current events
  • dreams for the future
  • books
  • movies
  • sports
  • hobbies
  • anything that doesn’t involve family, money or work!

Most of all, have fun beating back the winter blahs for the day – all while keeping your relationship fresh and exciting!

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