Motherhood Makes Us Jacks (Janes?) of All Trades

Welcome to Moms’ Month on Dr. Stephanie! This month I will be featuring guest posts from some awesome moms around the country.  They will be sharing tips, tricks, and funny stories about motherhood.  This will be a fun celebration – thanks for joining us!  Today’s author is Megan Lane.  Welcome, Megan!

I am first and foremost, a mom to three sweet littles; Maggie -6, Nora -3, and Ben -1.  I am also married to my wonderful co-parent, Tom.  I am an RN/stay-at-home mom and currently working on my Master’s Degree in Nurse Midwifery.  We live in beautiful Colorado, love to be outdoors, travel, and spend time with our amazing family and friends.

Are you really “just a mom?”  I get this question from time to time and it always takes me by surprise.  It is usually followed by some reference to my career or schooling and usually comes from an old acquaintance, a former colleague, or once, even in a job interview.  I am usually able to giggle the question off with a quick “it’s a busy job” response but sometimes it makes me downright laugh.
No, I am not just a mom (99.9% of the time).  Motherhood has truly made me jack-of-all trades and anyone who has spent a day in a home filled with children would be unable to argue the truth to that statement.  I would say my average day requires skills more apt for a chef, housekeeper, referee, nurse, therapist, teacher, finance manager, ring master, and yes, even jail warden.  It can be dizzying.  Among the many, many gifts motherhood has bestowed on me, a well-rounded motherhood resume is among the top.
Thankfully, about .1% of the time I do get to be “just a mom.” At 2 am when I have all three kids cuddled in my bed for various reasons (nightmares, wanting snuggles, just because) I am just a mom, and it’s just what I want to be.

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