Why Everyone Should be Watching Glee

Glee Cast - Glee on Fox TV

What are you doing Tuesday night? If it’s not watching Glee then you are missing out on something great.  And coming from me – someone who hasn’t “gotten into” a show since  Beverly Hills, 90210 (the old-school edition) – that really means something.

As a quick review, Glee is a one hour program on Fox that follows a high school show choir and the fun, struggles, and drama they and their teachers face on the quest to win a series of show choir competitions.  As a former show choir geek (or should I say gleek?) myself, I had an immediate interest in the show.  But it is the quality of the musical/dance performances, the diversity of the musical selections, the humor in the dialogue, and the depth of the story lines and characters that have me hooked.

Teen pregnancy, homosexuality, peer pressure, popularity, and cultural stereotypes are all explored in Glee – perfect fodder for a blog with a psychological bent.  So my goal during this second season will be to post my thoughts about each week’s episode.  And lucky me – next week’s guest star is someone who has inadvertently given a lot of exposure to psychology and mental health – Ms. Britney Spears. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should be Watching Glee

  1. Angel says:

    Can’t wait! The music is so awesome (most of the time) but there do seem to be a lot of good topics explored in the show that can open up a discussion.

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