Stress in America – Stress Tip #7 – Ask for Help

For the last week I have been posting stress management tips.  But what should you do when you’ve tried them all (and lots of others) and you are still feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than you would like? It might be time to seek a professional.  I’m often asked how one knows when it is time to see a psychologist; here are some ideas:

  • You’ve tried several strategies on your own to manage your stress (or sadness, or worry, or fears) and nothing seems to work
  • Your stress is starting to interfere with your relationships and your work
  • You’re not enjoying life the way you once did (or wish you could)
  • You’re starting to notice physical manifestations of your stress (headaches, muscle aches, stomach aches, problems sleeping, etc)
  • You’re starting to use not-so-healthy behaviors to deal with your stress.  Maybe you’ve started drinking more alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating to excess, not eating enough, spending too much, etc
  • You just feel like you need a fresh set of eyes to help make sense of the struggles in your life

If the above are happening, try meeting with a psychologist.  Often just a few sessions are enough to gain a new perspective on life, and to learn some new strategies for stress reduction.  Don’t know where to begin?  Check out my post on making your first appointment with a psychologist.

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