Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

I recently wrote an article for the fantastic non-profit organization LiveWell Colorado.  If you are not familiar with them, take a look:

LiveWell Colorado

The article I contributed was about making healthy choices easy.  Here’s a bit of it:

We all know what we should do: eat more fruits and veggies; drink more water and less soda; move our bodies more and look at screens less.  The challenge is putting this knowledge into action and making healthy choices each day.

So, how do we make the healthy choices the easy ones?

Give yourself a chance.  If there is cake in my house I will eat it.  All of it. I know it’s not healthy, but cake and I have a serious love affair going on.  It’s not possible to say no if frosting is anywhere near me, so instead I keep it far away (except on special occasions, of course). We all have foods that call to us, so why keep them nearby?  To give yourself the best chance of making healthy choices, minimize the unhealthy options in your pantry.

For more ideas about making healthy choices easy, check out the rest of the article here.

2 thoughts on “Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

  1. Rainey says:

    Great article Dr. Stephanie Smith on ‘making the healthy choices, the easy choice’! In the same way that we design our home environments to make it easy to choose healthy foods and behaviors at home, it makes sense to take the same approach in schools, work places and community centers. Case in point, I am drawn to candy bowls like a moth to a flame. These tempting office treats make it difficult for me to stay on track with my health goals. We can really support each other by replacing candy bowls with fresh fruit, and reserving tempting treats, that have become synonymous with every day activities, for special occasions.

    • drstephaniesmith says:

      Thanks for your comments -and I am glad you liked the post. I agree about the candy bowls! And I love the work you are doing – so important! Thanks again for stopping by!

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