Helping Our Kids Be Kind

I recently posted an article over at Produce for Kids that included some simple tips for being kind to ourselves.  I also included some ideas about how to teach our kids to be kind to themselves.

It’s tough to hear a kid say negative things about others, but it can be heart-breaking to hear them criticize themselves.  Sure, none of us are perfect and we can all strive to be better.  But in order to do that we need healthy egos, resiliency and strength.

Here’s one of my tips:

Talk about the good things. Ask each person in your family to say one good thing about their day. This helps us to identify and focus in on positive experiences from the day. “I had fun playing soccer at recess” or “My lunch was extra-yummy” are all examples of good things you might say.

For more about showing kindness to yourself, and teaching kids kindness check out the full article at Produce for Kids.


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