The Beginning – Again

So yet again I have set up a blog.  But I swear this time will be different. I am going to follow through this time; no making excuses, no coming up with “even better” ideas, no forgetting my password. I am committed and ready to write. I already have a bit of experience blogging for the American Psychological Association on their site, Your Mind. Your Body. – but to have the weight of an entire blog on my shoulders is new.

So what to do when you find yourself at the beginning of a new project, job, or situation with a goal in mind – but feel intimidated by the process?

Set up small, do-able goals. So for me I might make a goal of posting once a week, or twice a month.  Set up a series of small goals that have a good chance of actually happening.

Hold yourself accountable. To do this I am probably going to have to actually let people know about this blog and my goals for myself.  Hopefully with some other people encouraging you and keeping you true to your words, success will come more easily.

Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up.  There might be a week here or there that I can’t post.  Maybe I’m sick, my kids are sick, or I’m on vacation.  It’s important that we don’t get derailed by “failures,” but instead just keep on plugging away at achieving what we have set out to do.

So good luck with your goals, and I will do my best with mine! See you in the next post – which will definitely be happening.

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