Managing Your Panic When You’ve Forgotten the Snack

If you’re like me, you would sooner walk across hot coals that disappoint your kid’s teacher.  I know we can’t make everyone happy, but even that knowledge doesn’t keep me from trying to win over the hearts of my children’s teachers.  So how do people like us manage when we have made a HUGE blunder, a MONSTROUS faux pas, a GIGANTIC mistake…like…forget to bring snacks for the entire class on our assigned day?

  • Take at least 5 deep breaths before doing something rash that you might later regret (for example, offer to pay off the building’s mortgage to cover up your shame).
  • Realize that your forgetfulness will not likely affect your child’s longterm happiness or success in school.
  • Accept the fact that you are not perfect and can’t possibly be expected to remember everything all the time – even if others expect it of you.
  • Use the experience as an opportunity to talk to your family about taking age-appropriate responsibility for their own friends/school/activities/snacks/laundry/etc. Your kids might be able to handle more than you think.

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