Give Valentine’s Day A New Meaning

The countdown has begun…just 3 more days until Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure there is any more dreaded or maligned holiday than this one.  But in the spirit of coping with the winter blahs, I have a challenge: Give Valentine’s Day a New Meaning.

Instead of making Valentine’s Day about ooey-gooey, super-sappy, over-the-top romance – why not make it about love and friendship towards everyone in your life?  Sort of like a wintertime Thanksgiving – except that instead of turkey we have chocolate.  And instead of orange, brown, and green the colors are pink, white, and red.  And instead of Native Americans and pilgrims, we have…ummmm…more chocolate!

Need some ideas of how to give Valentine’s Day a new meaning to you and your family?

Make and send cards. Crafting cards of love and friendship is a great way to spend cold winter nights.  Break out the glitter, jewels, felt, and stickers  and have fun sending your love through the mail.  Don’t forget to make cards for your kids, your neighbors, your co-workers, your kids’ teachers, etc.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a little bit of love next week?

Restaurant night. Instead of going out for dinner with your partner, why not have a restaurant night at home with the whole gang?  Include the kids in a “fancy” dinner including candles, yummy food, placemats, and flowers.  Show your kids that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated as a family – and isn’t just for lovers.

Decorate the house. This winter has been a tough one and it’s not even close to over.  So why not brighten up the joint with some hearts, flowers, and other Valentine’s Day decor?  Brightening up your home will surely help lift a weary winter heart.

Serious stuff. In addition to the fun things above, why not use this time of year to talk to your kids about all-things-love?  Is it time to start talking to your children about dating and/or sex?  What do you want to teach your kids about how to behave in relationships?  What sorts of lessons are you teaching your children about romantic love through your own behaviors?  Try using TV shows, movies, videos, and songs as a springboard for these conversations.  Here’s a start:  Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.” Lots to talk about here: What should you do for love, how do you manage heartbreak, how do you treat a past love, how do you know who’s right for you – the possibilities are endless.  Have fun!