Stress in America – Stress Tip #6 – Shake Your Booty, Baby!

Last night I was interviewed on 850 KOA.  The hosts of the show asked me lots of questions about APA’s Stress in America survey.  They also asked lots of questions about how to manage stress – probably the most frequent question I get asked, both from reporters and in my clinical practice.  When giving tips, I have my stock answers, but I also try to come up with some new, different ideas for folks who need a fresh breath of stress-free air.

So, last night as I was waiting on the line for my interview to start I started to think about the radio, and its importance in stress management.  Who among us hasn’t enjoyed listening to new hits or favorite oldies?  Whether you sing out loud or lip synch to your favorite tunes – there are few better forms of stress relief.

And if you really want to get the maximum stress relief from the music you love – shake your booty too.  Of all the tips I have mentioned over the last week, dancing, singing, and losing yourself in music is surely the most enjoyable.