Thank you, USA Women’s Soccer!

Photo via: Top U.S.

What a fun ride it has been watching the USA Women’s Soccer Team play in the World Cup the last couple of weeks.  I was so moved by the experience of watching these exceptional women, that I wanted to say a public “thank you” to the team.

Thank you, Team USA for giving us something positive to focus on in the midst of the bad news that surrounds us everyday.  Floods, droughts, murders – sometimes the news around us causes me to question the state of our country and world.  You gave us a reprieve from all that negativity and in return, something to smile about.

Thank you, Team USA for working together, as a team.  As we watch with frustration (and sometimes anger) at our representatives in Washington, D.C. and their inability to compromise, use teamwork, and just plain get along – it is refreshing to see a group of professionals do it with apparent ease.  And without complaint.

Thank you, Team USA for showing our sons and our daughters what it means to be strong, smart women with purpose.  In a time when our young girls feel pressure to be sexy, and believe that true happiness comes only after Prince Charming arrives – you are just the role models we need to show us a healthier way.

Thank you, Team USA for losing to Japan yesterday.  Sure it was disappointing, but in that loss you reminded all of us that things don’t have to turn out “perfectly” to be fun and worthwhile.  You also showed us how to lose gracefully and with class – a lesson many of us can stand to learn over and over again.

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