Stress in America – Stress Tip #2 – Do Nothing But Eat

As I mentioned yesterday, I am marking yesterday’s American Psychological Association release of their annual Stress in America survey with a week’s worth of easy, free, and do-able stress management tips.  We all may be able to come up with excuses for not going to yoga, writing in a gratitude journal, or meditating for 30 minutes before we leave for work – but my tips are so super easy, that I dare you to come up with a legitimate excuse not to give at least a couple of them a try!

Today’s Tip:

Do nothing but eat. A naturopathic physician friend of mine told me a few years ago that when I eat a meal, I should do nothing but eat.  No watching TV, checking email, flipping through a magazine, paying bills,  or driving.  I must have looked at her like she was speaking another language – the concept seemed so radical to me!  But in thinking about it more over the years, it makes so much sense to actually give ourselves a few minutes a few times a day to sit down, enjoy our food, and relax before we start our next task.  Of course we know that sharing a meal and conversation with family and friends is great, too; but for those meals you eat alone – give it a try.  Do you notice a difference in your stress level? The amount you enjoy your meal? A change in the quantity of what you eat?

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