Mental Health Is More Than Mental Illness

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Today I am joining many other bloggers around the world in support of the American Psychological Association’s Mental Health Blog Day #MHBlogDay.   Here’s a bit about why recognizing and talking about mental health in May (and every month, really) is so crucial:

Congress designated May as Mental Health Month in 1949 to illustrate the importance of mental health issues to the overall health and well-being of American citizens. Each year, bloggers will join APA  for a Mental Health Month Blog Day to educate the public about mental health, decrease stigma about mental illness, and discuss strategies for making lasting lifestyle and behavior changes that promote overall health and wellness.
“Mental health” does not mean “mental illness.”  While understanding mental illness is important, a well-rounded understanding of mental health also includes things like parenting, dating, friendships, aging, healthy eating and exercise, financial planning, spirituality, work-life balance and happiness – among many, many other parts of life.  In this way, everyone should be participating in Mental Health Blog Day, because it’s something we can all relate to.
Add your voice to the event or check out what other people are talking about over at APA.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Is More Than Mental Illness

  1. Daniela Adams says:

    I love your point that mental health does not necessarily mean mental illness. We all should take care of our mental health, and if there are ever any signs of distress, we should make sure that we make necessary changes. Often, people are afraid to talk about their feelings and fears because they think that may show there’s something wrong with them, but we should encourage a discussion about it, so that people who need help can get it in time. Awareness is the first and very important step!

    • drstephaniesmith says:

      Thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading! I agree that discussion about mental health is critical!

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