Bullies In The Lunchroom? Helping Your Kids Stand Up For Their Tuna

Teasing can happen anywhere.  And so can it’s meaner, more serious cousin bullying.  As most any kid can tell you, the lunch hour can be a stressful one.  Who to sit with? Buy lunch or bring lunch? How to deal with the mean lunch lady? How to cope when making friends and conversation don’t come easily? What to do when weight and food are struggles? Leave campus or eat in the cafeteria? Ugh. The dilemmas are endless.  Unfortunately so are the possibilities for conflict.

I wrote the following article over at Produce for Kids about how to help your kids when they are being bullied about what is in their lunchbox.  Seem far-fetched and like it never happens? Ask the kids in your life, and I bet they will tell you otherwise.

Dealing with Lunchroom Bullies: Produce for Kids

Dealing with Lunchroom Bullies: Produce for Kids

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