Stress in America – Stress Tip #4 – Give Yourself Permission to…

One of the most frequently heard words in my office is “should.”  As in, “I know I should do yoga,” “I know I should spend more time with my in-laws,” “I know I shouldn’t TiVo Oprah everyday,” “I know I should be more _________ (confident, in shape, intimate, happy, outgoing, relaxed, grateful – you get the idea).

So, my stress tip for the day is: give yourself a break from the “shoulds” and give yourself permission to be what you are.  Maybe what you are is shy, chubby, or excitable.  Sure, there is room for all of us to make improvements, but there is also room for us to work on accepting ourselves for what we are, where we are.  Give it a shot: ban “should” from your vocabulary today and see if it makes a difference.

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