No More Outrageous Tweets from John Mayer

I have admitted it before, and I will do it again – I am one of John Mayer’s 3.4 million followers on Twitter.  When he was at his tweeting heyday, I enjoyed reading his sometimes crude, often sarcastic, and occasionally outrageous tweets.  While he will still be entertaining us through his well-established blog on tumblr, I will miss seeing him on Twitter.

One of the things that made Mr. Mayer’s tweets so interesting was that they gave us a glimpse into his life – one that most of us could hardly dream about.  Dating superstars, hanging out with music legends – who wouldn’t be interested in hearing the back story of a life like that?

Whether it is following celebrities on Twitter, reading Us Weekly, or watching Entertainment Tonight (or doing all three!) being voyeurs into the lives of Hollywood’s hottest serves as a legitimate stress management strategy for some, and pure entertainment for many.  I know my Mondays would be much more dreary if I didn’t have my favorite celebrity magazine to look forward to in the mailbox!

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