New Baby and Post Partum Depression

I’m still here! Though it’s been a while since I have posted (2 weeks I think?) I am still around – just with an extra family member to care for. I’m happy to announce the birth of my beautiful son! Crazy! I never thought I would have a boy as we’ve only had girls in the family for as long as anyone can remember. I am so excited to learn all about boys and the challenges that come along with parenting them! (hints and tips welcome!)

As I get to know my new baby, deal with a post-pregnancy body, and continue to care for my other two children, I have been thinking a lot about moms who are affected by postpartum depression.  It’s such a serious and prevalent disorder, and one that can be hard to treat – often because moms don’t let providers, loved ones, or other support systems know they are struggling.  Some moms might feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit that welcoming a new baby is anything less than a wonderful experience.  But it can be hard – super hard – what with the crazy hormones, change in family dynamics, lack of sleep, pain from childbirth, trouble with feeding, etc.

I found this helpful article from the Mayo Clinic about postpartum depression – including warning signs and when to seek help:

Postpartum Depression: Signs & Treatment


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  1. Angel says:

    Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Smith! Congratulations to you and your family, Dr. Stephanie. Thanks for sharing the happy news with us and using it as a chance to talk about post-partum depression. No mom (or dad!) should feel like they are alone with whatever they are difficulties they are feeling.

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