Chores: They’re Never Too Young to Start Them

OK, maybe my 4 month old is a bit young to start changing his own diaper or dusting his room, but not by much!  Chores are great for kids and families for several reasons: they teach them responsibility and make your load a bit lighter (at least in theory).  Parents often underestimate what their kids can do for themselves, and the variety of ways they can help throughout the home.  I was recently quoted in an article about chores in the Yuma Sun.  Check it out:

So how does a parent choose chores for their kids?  Perhaps you should start with the things you don’t like to do! Putting laundry away, emptying all or part of the dishwasher, sweeping the kitchen – these are all tasks that even very young kiddos can complete.

Need some help staying organized?  Check out this cool website that offers free chore charts.

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