The Picture of Happiness – Imperfect Seashells and Beautiful Friends

It’s The Picture of Happiness Month!

Today’s guest is Karyn Dundorf, she says:

Lately, I have come to realize that there is much beauty to be found in the imperfect.  I recently went on a trip to Clearwater, FL for a reunion of some college friends.  Instead of one of the myriad of pictures of perfect sunsets, white sand beaches, or (other people) in bikinis, I am posting a picture of a broken shell.  My friends and I are not nearly as fresh and perfect as we seemed when were 18 year-olds full of idealism and wonder.  Life has happened.  We have more wrinkles and less idealism but more wisdom and depth.  I found each of my friends more beautiful and precious than I used to.  It’s funny, I’m able to see the beauty in them, but it’s much harder to look at my own “failings” with any love.  I kept this broken shell of a reminder that there is true beauty that comes out of brokenness.  I look at the shell every day and when I do, I think of my beautiful friends.  It is a reminder to treasure people, including myself, as they are instead of what/where they are “supposed” to be.


Wise friends + life’s imperfections = happiness for Karyn Dundorf


Karyn is a once engineer, now stay at home mom to three kids 6 and under in Boulder, Colorado.

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