Creative Gratitude, Part 3

I don’t like coffee much.  I can easily pass up Starbucks, forego making coffee at home, and steer clear of the pot in the office.  But one thing I do love, and am grateful for this week, is a cup when I am out to breakfast.  I don’t do it much (perhaps why I appreciate it so much?) but I love the faux – Fiestaware mugs, the tiny creamers, and the clink clink clink of my spoon going ’round.  I’m grateful for the waitresses who call me “hon” and who aren’t shy about topping off the mug.  So thanks fod breakfast joints and the waitresses who work there, thanks for 99 cent cups of coffee, and thanks for the folks who share a cup with me.

Creative Gratitude

‘Tis the season of gratitude.  And thanks to Oprah (among others) we know that we should be grateful for the wonderful things, people, and resources in our lives.  Of course we are thankful for our friends, our health, our jobs, our children, parents, partners, and neighbors.  We give thanks to our kids’ teachers, their care providers, and even our mail delivery people – and we should feel grateful for these people!  But if you are feeling a little stale this holiday season and need a jumpstart for your gratitude, you’re in the right spot.  I am dedicating the next couple of days to being thankful for the things that make life fun:

Felt.  Felt is my new art medium of choice.  It’s cheap (4 pieces for $1), it’s versatile, and the colors make me happy.  The other cool thing about felt is that you need not be “crafty” to have fun with it – it’s very forgiving.  Some recent felt projects:

Felt Fall Garland


Felt Pillow











Taylor Swift. I am loving listening to Taylor’s new album, “Speak Now.”  But just as much as her singable music, I am grateful for the role model she is to young girls.  Self-assured, enormously talented, vulnerable, and honest – we can’t ask for a better superstar for our girls to look up to.

Weddings. Weddings are beautiful.  I don’t care if it’s the wedding of a close relative, best girlfriend, or stranger – I never get sick of hearing about weddings.  And I must not be alone given the number of wedding-related shows on TV.  Lucky for all of us wedding aficionados, we are going to have lots to be grateful for next year thanks to Prince William and his Princess-to-be.


Pretty wedding feet



Good Photography. I’m not a good photographer, but I sure appreciate people who are.  I never tire of looking at photographs: old ones, new ones, ones with people, ones with animals – it doesn’t matter.  I’m grateful that I have friends who are awesome photographers, and thankful that I have a camera of my own.

Cherry Chapstick. Even before Katy Perry sang about kissing a girl with Cherry Chapstick (and liking it), I have been a fan myself.  I have a stick in every room in my house, in my car, in my purse, and in my office.  It smells good, works great, and makes the cold winters a little more bearable.


mmmmm...cherry chapstick

What are you grateful for?