CREATE Mental Health Week – Making a Greeting Card

This is a guest post in the series CREATE Mental Health.  All week we will be exploring how different people use creativity to create and maintain mental health.  Today’s post is by Jessica Taylor, of the blog Ink It Up! with Jessica.  Welcome, Jessica!

Making your own cards does not require an entire afternoon and a room full of craft supplies.  Here’s how to make a quick and easy card that will have you feeling crafty when you’re done:
Begin by gathering your supplies.  Paper, rubber stamps, ink, punches, adhesive… whatever you have on hand.
Patterned paper gives your card a quick, fun design.  Cut a piece to fit on the front of your card and tape it into place.  (No patterned paper?  Try wrapping paper!)
Use a rubber stamp and ink to stamp a greeting.  (No stamp and ink?  Print out a greeting from your computer.)
Punch out your greeting and a piece of coordinating paper to layer behind it.
Tape the greeting to the front of your card and you’re done!
“Making cards always lifts my spirits and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Plus, I know that sending a card to someone will make their day too!”

CREATE Mental Health Week begins!

Welcome to CREATE Mental Health Week! I am so excited to be starting the blog party this week – it has been a long time in coming!  This week I will be featuring guest bloggers from all over the country who are going to be writing about how creating helps them maintain their mental health.  They will also be sharing secrets of their craft with us.  I am so excited to learn and create along with these awesome ladies!  Check back often as there will be lots of ideas shared this week!

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