Snack Time with Produce For Kids

The other day my kids and I decided to try a couple new, yummy-sounding snacks from the Simply Summer Cookbook – the new, free, e-cookbook from Produce for Kids.  Get it here!

It was a typical day: coming in from school after a long day, lots of homework, piano lessons, soccer practice, doorbell ringing – you know, the typical.  (Why do we pack our lives so full of busy-ness? I guess that’s another post for another time).  Anyway, 3 of the 4 of us felt like it was a good day to try something new.  One of us spent the entire time moping on the couch – but I felt like 3 out of 4 was as good as it was going to get so we went for it!

The 2 participating children chose the Sunny Breakfast Skewers and the Peach Pie Smoothie as their recipes to try.  Luckily we had almost all the ingredients on hand:ingredients

We made the skewers first.  I must say that the peanut butter-coconut mixture was DELICIOUS all on its own:

peanut butter

Skewering the fruit and waffles was a fun activity, though the metal sticks I had on hand were a little dangerous.  Wood might have been better.  Oops:skewers

Next we made the smoothies. Super easy:smoothies

The finished product:smoothies

Overall the snacks were delicious.  Preparation took a little more time than I would normally spend, but the results were worth it and we had enough skewers leftover for the next day! Delicious!

Check out these recipes and a bunch of others in the new Simply Summer Cookbook.


Food and Mood: Why Does Comfort Food Make Us Feel Better?

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A few weeks ago a reporter who I have worked with several times called me up to ask about an article.  The catch was, she didn’t want me to comment on stress management tips or parenting techniques like I usually do – she wanted to talk about comfort foods. “Yahoo! Sign me up!” I said. I love to eat and cook – and what is better than comfort food?  Then she asked if she could come to my house with a photographer to actually watch me make some comfort food of my own! After that, she would sit down with my family and eat with us.  I was so flattered and excited that I literally got tears in my eyes as I agreed.

A few days later the reality set in: I had to cook? In front of a bunch of people? And make my own, original recipe? Yikes.

After taking a family poll, it was agreed that our first choice of comfort food meals is homemade macaroni and cheese.  Our second choice was white chocolate pumpkin bread french toast.  After speaking with the reporter and learning that she had already done a feature on mac and cheese, it was determined that I would make the french toast.

Let me just say this: I have A LOT more respect for people who cook on camera, write cookbooks, and cook for a living. It is hard work! I tried to be as organized as I could before the newspaper entourage arrived (can an entourage be made up of 2 people?) – but still found myself scurrying around the kitchen.  I think I was more nervous for this interview than any others I have done – including the ones on television and live radio.

But, I made it! And the best part was my family and I were able to celebrate the accomplishment with fresh comfort food.  Check out the article here:

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.35.22 AM

Do I look nervous?


This experience was so much fun, it has inspired me to add a new feature to the blog: Food and Mood.  Stay tuned to see what it’s all about.