Life's Embarrassing Moments…Your Child's Having a Fit

It’s happened to all of us parents…we might as well admit it.  We are just trying to:

  • send off a package at the post office
  • deposit a check at the bank
  • pick up the dry cleaning
  • buy taco shells for dinner

And our kid(s) start throwing a fit for no reason.  And suddenly we find ourselves the victims of:

  • spit wads
  • kicking and/or slapping
  • doubts about our parenting abilities
  • old-fashioned, blood-curdling screams

Put these things together and you have one of the more embarrassing moments in a parent’s life.  We all know what we should do: don’t give in to the child’s whims, leave the cart full of groceries and calmly take our child to the car, and definitely don’t lose our cool!

But how many of us can really follow the expert’s advice when we are being slapped with a stuffed poodle? Not many.  Most of us simply try to keep from screaming/crying/spitting ourselves, get out of the store (with taco shells in hand) as quickly as we can, and attempt to forget this embarrassing moment as quickly as possible.

Parenting tips, tricks, and techniques are great – I have been known to dispense some myself.  But, sometimes the most helpful tip is that we as parents have all been there, have all been red-cheeked and embarrassed, and have all survived – and so will you.

2 thoughts on “Life's Embarrassing Moments…Your Child's Having a Fit

  1. David Palmiter says:

    I LOVE this blog entry. How much better would our parenting education industry be if more experts acknowledged points like this one! I bet your clients feel blessed to have you as their psychologist.

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